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    I’m posting a quick reminder that on May 23, 2022 the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops will stop directly accepting credit cards for digital purchases.

    Both digital storefronts are closing in stages. The second stage will be August 29, 2022 when both storefronts stop accepting Nintendo eShop cards.

    After August 29, the only way to add funds to the 3DS/Wii U digital stores will be to link one’s Nintendo ID on these stores to a Nintendo Switch ID, merge one’s monetary balances between the platforms, and add money to the Switch’s balance. Gamers who have a 3DS/Wii U but don’t have a Switch won’t be able to add funds to the 3DS/Wii U storefronts at all.

    The final stage will be late March 2023 when the 3DS/Wii U digital storefronts close completely, although anyone who’s bought digital games on them should be able to redownload their games.

    Kemco’s three RPG ports on Wii U (Asdivine Hearts, Revenant Saga, and Alphadia Genesis) have all been ported to other consoles, but many of Kemco’s ports on the 3DS have not been ported to any non-mobile system. Also, Kemco’s 3DS ports don’t have in-game purchases; their cash shops are disabled and sometimes replaced with an in-game means to farm cash shop currency.

    Here’s my list of Kemco 3DS ports, with the console-exclusive ones marked, for anyone who wants to get them before they’re gone.

    Favorite RPG of all time: Journey to Kreisia (by Exe-Create)

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