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    Hey! So I got the ipad, not the same one I was looking at, but a similar used one, in great shape.

    Any way, what are some of the best apple exclusive rpgs from the apple store? I got Fantasy Chronicle from Apple, since it can not be purchased on the google store or played on an android. I have played every other kemco rpg so I am looking for rpgs similar to kemco. Old school snes/16 bit style rpgs. Actions rpgs are also great as long as the controls are good (I loved seed 3 on my iphone but hated Zenonia and did not find much to like about Inotia). Any advice? Thanks!

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    I’ve played a bit of Fantasy Chronicle on my mom’s Ipad, but that’s about it. It seems like a decent game; pretty much a precursor to Justice Chronicles (well as far as basic gameplay goes – I don’t think the two stories are at all related.)

    I tried googling “best ios rpgs” and the results I got didn’t look really informative. :whistle:

    But if you find some good games (or if some other iOS users have good recommendations) definitely let us know!

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    I will keep folks updated on good games I come across.

    Fantasy Chronicle is like a mix between Justice chronicle and crystareino/machine knight. You collect tons of things in this to use for weapon and armor upgrades.

    I remember loving Seed 3 on my iphone 4 years ago so I am sure it will be great on a tablet.

    **Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice looks really nice.

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