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    A very nice snes style rpg. This is for the normal ending.

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    Kemco games I still need to beat: (2) Dragon Lapis, Dimension Cross


    I’ve got to pick that game up and finish it up sooner or later. Added. I actually got stuck on the very first dungeon because i never figured out that you had to go to the SIDE of the screen. It’s very embarssing actually. Added.

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    I played the 3DS version. I regret deleting my save data; the only screenshot I can offer is from my 3DS activity log.

    Recruiting all playable characters, completing all sidequests, beating the optional boss, and finishing the game took around 29 hours.

    Grinsia was the first Kemco RPG I ever finished, and it did not leave a good impression. The gameplay was bland and forgettable, and the hero who only ever says “Yes” or “No” had all the personality of a cardboard cut-out.

    I stayed away from Kemco RPGs for about 2 years, until I gave Kemco one more shot with Justice Chronicles (which turned out to be a much better game).

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    Beat to normal ending + got all moon ore weapons. Also beat Maeve x2 and Lemming X at day. Had no reason to keep going after I beat them once.

    When you get the moon ore, take it to the blacksmith in Harva who made weapons from Mythril Ore and he’ll make one weapon of your choosing. Its possible to get all 6 weapon types in one playthrough easily so with that in mind, here’s the order you should get the weapons in.

    1. Axe– The passive causes damage to increase as HP decreases and when combined with Grieg’s slow speed and his charge, he can easily break 999 damage if the boss goes first and damages Grieg. This will ensure Grieg wrecks bosses with ease.
    2. Book– The passive is a boost to dark magic damage and a surprising amount of endgame bosses don’t resist dark magic damage as well as they should meaning that you can get away with spamming Oreana’s Shadow Flare. This already makes Oreana one of the better DPS characters in the game just below Grieg.
    3. Sword- Some of the superbosses actually resist light making the Light sword you get as part of the story a hindrance in those battles so having an replacement helps if you plan to use the hero for attacking. Lauren can make good use of the ultimate sword if you plan to use him allowing the hero to keep his light sword.
    4. Dagger- Dingo suffers from being overshadowed by much better DPS options such as Grieg and Oreana and the random nature of the turn-based battles makes his high speed useless more often than not. Get this if you decide to use Dingo for the endgame but its not a priority compared to Grieg and Oreana.
    5. Bow/Staff- Mika and Elysha will be too busy healing and buffing during the endgame battles so there’s no incentive for them to have their ultimate weapon. The MP recovery the bow provides isn’t worth it when you can pop a cure plum and heal more MP than the bow can. The staff drains MP per attack and doesn’t boost any other stat so its useless for the endgame.

    That being said, i had fun playing this game because it has the nostalgic janky JRPG charm nailed down and it was decently challenging to keep me engaged. Its absolutely well worth a playthrough if you go in not expecting much besides a paint by the numbers adventure.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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