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    Not the best game, but not horrible either. I found the start to be somewhat hard but the game got easier as I went. This is for the normal ending.

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    Kemco games I still need to beat: (2) Dragon Lapis, Dimension Cross


    That’s the case with magitek games. Hard starts, Easy endings. Added.

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    Beat to true ending with all sidequests completed.


    You learn skills in this game by boosting your stats. However unlike Dead Dragons, you need to have multiple points in various stats to learn new skills so with that in mind, you’re better off leveling up each stat in increments of 5. For instance, you would start by raising your ATK to Lv.5, then your DEF to Lv. 5, then your SPD to Lv. 5, and so on until all stats are at Lv. 5. Then you move onto rasing them all to Lv. 10 and so on making sure you get skills when possible. You should keep doing this until you hit Lv. 55 in all stats at which point you can invest in whatever you want. The reason I say having all stats at Lv. 55 as the endgame is because Yukari has a skill she learns at Lv. 55 ART and Kenshiro learns a skill at Lv. 50 MND and some important skills are best learned ASAP using this method.

    Another tip is that you should have a party for clearing mobs and another for killing bosses. The best mob cleaeres are Saizo and Kenshiro because both of them have saber dance which is a physical attack-all skill that ends battles with only a cast from each. Sakuya can contribute with her Hail magic spell but Sakuya should be switched with Yukari once she joins because Yukari has more MP and better damage than Sakuya.

    As for the boss fights, the best party is Tatsuto, Haruka, and Yukari. Tatsuto has charge so a charged life breaker can easily break 999 damage in total and he has the best DEF and HP making him the ideal tank alongside with self-healing capabilities. Haruka is the best supporter in the game being the only one to learn multi-target healing and buffs which actually matter. She will spend all of the battles either healing or buffing your party. Yukari is the best caster in the game and her Clan Special (Limit breaks) inflicts debuffs making the bosses easier to kill. She can also function as a backup healer and she has access to revive. Saizo and kenshiro are not recommended because they don’t have charge and Sakuya is a master of none in a game where you’re better off with someone who can do what Sakuya does but better like Haruka and Yukari.

    Bosses LOVE using status aliments so do some grinding and make sure you buy at least 3 of each individual choker that nullifies a particular status aliment in each shop you come across. Make sure you also get the accessory that reduces ice damage as you need it for the bonus boss in the IAP dungeon (at least 4-5 of them, you’ll need them.)


    This game has a decent story but goes full on cliche storm after the plot twist is revealed at which it just becomes your standard anime everyone lives happily ever after ending. The stroy has some really cool twists at the start like Yakuza but everyone in the party is an as*hole except for Haruka who’s too pure for the cast and Tatsuto who’s the actual protagonist of the game (I wish). Kenshiro is much worse because he’s basically Japanese Quagmire we’re supposed to play as and the true ending of the game unintentionally makes Kenshiro even creepier.

    The gameplay is your basic affair where if you’ve played Dead Dragons, you’ve played this before but Magitec attempts to fix their skill system by requiring that you take a more balanced approach to skill point distribution such that some skills require levels in 2 or more stats to be learned. This is a fine idea but you’re not given a skill tree or map to follow so you can plan out your distribution of skill points which leads to my tip above. Since you’re never told the requirements to learn skills, you have to make sure all of your skill points are balanced out and at this point, you’re just doing the game’s job of giving you skills as you get stronger. It adds nothing to the game at the end and could have been fixed by making skills be learned simply by normal level ups or present you a skill tree so you have an actual idea to build your character.

    Furthermore, the game punishes you for using high-level skills as the low level ones get the job done better because the damage difference between the low and high level skills is far too small. The high level skills cost far too much SP to use and/or have an element attached to the skill making it useless for some boss fights. The game does incentivize preparation as bosses love using aliments so you need to make sure you get the respective accessories to nullify aliments.

    Another point of contention is that there are only about 3-4 dungeon settings which are cave, shrine, mountain, and castle so dungeon exploration gets repetitive fast. Even the true final dungeon is just a copy and paste of the same castle texture you’ve seen multiple times on your adventure so its lacking compared to other japanese themed RPGs such as Far East of Eden and Kamura. Hell, the shrine in each diifirent region all look the same as does the towns so you never feel like you get to experience the culture of other town if they’re all copy and pasting one another.

    Back then, I thought this was one of Magitec’s better games and after replaying the game, I still think its one of the better ones but the flaws are much more noticeable this time around and as with every other Kemco game, just a little more polish and effort would have helped here.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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