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    Normal ending

    Recently beaten since April 1: Sephirothic Stories (android, kemco), Soulblazer (snes, arpg), Seek hearts (android, kemco), Super Metroid (snes), Legend of Tetrarchs (android, kemco), Castlevania 4 (snes), Actraiser (snes), Demons Crest (snes, platformer), Holy Umbrella (snes, platformer), Arcana (snes rpg)
    (Updated May 6)

    Kemco games I still need to beat: (2) Dragon Lapis, Dimension Cross



    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.


    30 hours 54 min for the True Ending, on Normal difficulty. All sidequests are complete.

    Very little time was spent in arenas.

    Fighting enemies on the Metal Monster island with a Tick-Tock Hoop made the postgame level grind from 60+ to 100+ VERY fast.


    Favorite RPG of all time: Journey to Kreisia (by Exe-Create)

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