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    Interesting story, normal ending.

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    Kemco games I still need to beat: (2) Dragon Lapis, Dimension Cross



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    Beaten all side missions, got all 3 IAP Dungeons and cleared them. Got the normal ending and progressed much further than 1st time I beat the game.

    There are 3 Sub-Missions that can only be found by talking to specific NPCs and not Prince Yuri in HQ. Make sure you save before you take on any sub-mission because you CAN fail them and you want to restart to get the best reward.

    Sub Mission 2: Found in Freedom base. Talk to Major Bart next to the HQ tent in Freedom base. Expires upon accepting Mission 5.

    Do not start the side mission until you’re at least Lv. 20 and you get Noelle.
    The 2nd Sub Mission has you fighting 3 freedom fighters and Major Bart + 3 freedom fighters in 2 separate battles and both will wreck your ass if you’re not prepared. Make sure you go into the two battles with full HP, SP, and AP because you will need them. For the first battle, use your weapon skills to take care of the soldiers quickly and heal up before you kill the last soldier such as Snipe and Trace Shot. Once you enter the 2nd battle against Bart + 3 adds, Prioritize killing the adds first because the damage adds up with your weapon skills and Freeze Lance/Cross Spark if you have those spells. Once the adds are done, do not use any weapon skills. Use magic only because Major Bart’s evasion is rather high and he can buff himself to dodge even more attacks. You will see some of your allies die so try to keep yourself healed as long as the adds are alive. Once they die, you can focus on reviving the allies and hope you get lucky enough to win. Noelle in particular will help a LOT by providing good magical offense and acting as an additional target to distribute damage.

    Sub Mission 6:Β Talk to the soldier in the NE corner of the imperial base to get the quest. Its a simple one.

    Sub Mission 7:Β Talk to the Scholar in the top-middle house in Treca after getting the airship. The Castle is long and has lots of backtacking but you will finish the dungeon 25-30 levels higher than you were before. It pays to go there even if you don’t kill the boss.

    Class Tips:Β All you need to do is master everyone’s base class, then get the spartan class from the 1st IAP dungeon. Once you master each character’s base class, you can just switch them all to spartan and give everyone the Sniper Rifle. The spartan has the best well-rounded stat boosts (Think red mages on steroids) and no restrictions on what weapons you can equip. Seriously, then sniper is the only good weapon type as all the others have too many disadvantages and its the only one that lets you shoot with near-perfect accuracy from the back row. Try to get everyone mastering water magic ASAP and then Lightning after because water gives your characters vital healing skills and tanks are weak to lightning.


    This game was amazing when I first played through it but on the 2nd playthrough, I may have been using rose-tinted glasses. This game does have a story that is intriguing and a ending that sticks with you but is a mediocre game overall. You can see the plot twist coming from miles away and the ending events don’t have the impact they should given that its an enemy you never really interact with until the final act of the game.

    The gameplay is standard magitec fare where you can just auto-through the battles and the skills + magics are what you’ve seen in their other games. Making weapons run off AP is rather annoying because you NEED the AP for the bosses of each respective dungeon and its not easy to recover. The Tank feels like an add-on that holds you back once your on-foot characters become stronger than the tank. In addition, your tank can get stunlocked easily and forces you to repair often being the only target on the battlefield and there’s no stat that causes the tank stats to scale with the character’s level. This causes you to waste time in battles that took longer than needed and does not help when your own party’s DPS is higher than your own tank so it was badly implemented plus the restriction of not earning CP from killing enemies in a tank only serves to highlight how half-baked this mechanic is actively discouraging you from using one of the game’s selling points. The casting time also does not add to the game and just serves to make auto-battling better and you will find yourself staying on auto because of the ludicrous encounter rate.

    So overall, not as good as I thought it was back then. I needed to take off my rosy-glasses to understand that thus game is mediocre and lacking.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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