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    Great game!

    One of my favorite kemco games. I liked how the dungeon maps were set up.


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    Kemco games I still need to beat: (2) Dragon Lapis, Dimension Cross


    Took me a little above 15 hours with maxed out tablets for the 3 leads.


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    This is the 3DS version. Finishing the game took 20 hours and didn’t require any grinding beyond just fighting my way through dungeons.

    The two postgame dungeons, seven postgame optional bosses, and a self-imposed challenge to defeat the final boss without Protection of Aegislute took about 33 hours. Beating the final boss without Aegislute does not change the ending, or have any effect at all other than making the battle harder.

    I did grind levels and jobs in the postgame, perhaps more than I needed to. By the time the party hit level 80+, I had almost every skill unlocked on four characters (the original three plus the character I swapped in for the final challenge) and tons of skills unlocked on multiple other characters.

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    Beaten to normal and only end. Beat the postgame dungeons but not the bosses on my prev playthrough so I didn’t need to do it again. The bosses were annoying and I was just done with the game at that point.


    Only tip I can give you is that you pick either Phys or Mag attack merit points to boost and then use your remainder to top off the merit points you get from class skills and equipment. So if you have enough merit points to go for Phys ATK Lv. 2 but not enough for Lv. 3, then use the other points to top off your merit points that are already filled. For instance, if you have Defense Merit Point +5 passive unlocked, then you would use the 5 points you have left over to make it Defense Lv. 1 and vice versa. A merit point is more useful if it helps raise a stat to Lv. 1 than being wasted in Phys Attack at 25 points. You do not get any benefit from merit points if your merit point total for one stat is under 10.

    Also when you start using Orichalcum ore to make gear at the end, make sure you’re making the right armour because I accidently made armor for Ruland instead of Kriest and only Ruland can equip it.


    So this was an allright game but the game felt like it was made for 3 separate parties which would have been a fun idea. It would have been nice to have a 9th party member so that you have 3 storylines such that Kriest’s party would look for the spirit crystals, Serashka’s party searches for the dark crystal, and Rozeim’s party focuses on fighting against the coup. This would have allowed the devs to make unique class and party ideas so that each story branch feels and plays differently. Instead, you get all those characters joining at the end that you have to grind because their tablets are stuck in early game while Kreist’s party has all the skills mastered.

    The battles are ok, nothing new to write about here since its as generic as generic gets and enemies on screen is a nice touch but it became much when it felt like you had an encounter every step of the way in the later dungeons. This game could have done better by reducing the enemies and increasing the rewards.

    Overall, 2nd playthrough showed me that I could beat the game better but its still quite an unremarkable RPG.

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