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    Maybe this game was an illusion, I do not remember much of it !!!

    Normal ending.


    If you want more, you should try to complete all of the achivments for unlimited EIP so you can go for the bonus dungeons and get Shayle.

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    I know this is meant only for collecting data but have to add my 2 cents – Eclipse of Illusion is ABSOLUTELY worth doing all the bonus material (though replaying the game on Hell mode is up to you. I did it, but I cheated with the most powerful magic spell and the accessory that makes all magic only cost 1 point… so Hell mode was easier than Hard… One caveat though, the game says if you want to play Hell mode you should first reach “x” level – they’re not kidding about that. Lower than that level and you’ll never make it through the Thieves’ Hideout.)

    Anyway, definitely do the bonus material for this game. You won’t regret it.

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    You know what? I’m gonna do a base class only run when I replay this game for time. That means no purchasing class liscenses and no changing classes. Theo stays Scared Saber and Raya stays Storm Raider and etc. Robots are usable and I’ll pick up Shayle since I have her anyways.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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