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    I did not like this game.

    But I finish what I start.

    Recently beaten since April 1: Sephirothic Stories (android, kemco), Soulblazer (snes, arpg), Seek hearts (android, kemco), Super Metroid (snes), Legend of Tetrarchs (android, kemco), Castlevania 4 (snes), Actraiser (snes), Demons Crest (snes, platformer), Holy Umbrella (snes, platformer), Arcana (snes rpg)
    (Updated May 6)

    Kemco games I still need to beat: (2) Dragon Lapis, Dimension Cross



    Beaten to normal and only end, Didn’t do IAP dungeons because the game didn’t give me enough IAP points. Final boss was fought using Ajin, Misutz, and Blart. Cleared all levels of the arena.


    Since the game uses a materia/orbment system, its best to class characters based on which role they best fill. Your party should have an Attacker, a Healer, and a Caster.

    Attacker: Start with making Vedley the attacker and then swap him out for Blart since Blart has much better attack than Vedley. Heavy crush is the only gem you really need so take that, then load the character with passives that make them a tank and other additional gems that increase the ATK stat. They can also help clear mobs with the caster during the final dungeon if you use the Caster + 2 attackers formation.

    Healer: Can go either way with Moniya or Misutz. I chose Misutz because Moniya needs magic gems which means she has to give up either a passive or a healing gem (and has worse physical stats) but Misutz has decent ATK so he dosent need any extra gems. His speed also helps a lot in addition with his decent personal skills. Load up the character with 3 Cure heals and 2 Cure states for multi-target heals and use Frugality + Chant Relief.

    Caster: They will be the bread and butter for clearing mobs and Ajin + Piache fit the role perfectly. I ran an Attacker + Ajin and Piache to clear mobs since they can hit weaknesses using the basic spells for good damage such as Lightbrid and Dark Bolt. They should have all the magic elements + other gems that boost magic along with Frugality and Chant Relief. In addition, Ajin becomes amazing once she gets Accelerate which raises all character’s stats with no casting time and its easy to refill the Chrono Gauge.

    Don’t bother with the buff/debuff gems unless you want to increase stats. Buffs and debuffs aren’t that important and when you need them, Ajin’s Accelerate is already unlocked. In addition, they have casting time which makes all of them useless when your priority during bosses is to clear the adds ASAP so the boss dies faster. You only need to use the first level of skills because the upper-tier skills are weak and expensive compared to the consistency os skills like Heavy Crush and Lightbrid/Darkbolt.


    I honestly enjoyed the story and watching the characters actually act on their own seperate from the protagonist which brings a lot of life. Plus Moniya is able to think for herself compared to Serene s “yes brother” every 5 seconds. I have no real complaints really because it was much different from the usual save the world from the dark lord. I did not like that side quests were absent or that they were locked behind IAP purchases compared to Chrome Wolf and Blood of Calamity or even Grinsia of all things. There’s no postgame dungeon to speak of so it feels like a dick move by Magitec to not have any side content.

    Gameplay was alight, nothing new to say here as it gets the job done.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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