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    Very average game.
    Very short game.
    Very easy game.

    (I have a second screen shot, I think with all the bonus stuff done). still short.

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    Fortuna magus is a game that I want to make up the data for so that NOBODY has to buy this game. I’d claim that it’s 2 hours long with no postgame at all. Then I’d set the price of the app to free. This whole thing feels like a trial. Regardless, All your times you’ve posted up to now have been added.

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    Ya, it took me like 4 hours, I could see how someone could beat it in under 3. post game adds a little.

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    Took me quite a bit longer. I played on Normal difficulty. Slot 1 is to second ending, slot 2 is all bonus material cleared.


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    I’m the only one who play on Easy, it seems! o/
    And yup, I’m a slow player. Overall I enjoyed the game, very reminiscent of Silver Nornir.


    If you liked Silver Nornir, you might like this one too, but be aware, it’s WAY shorter than Silver Nornir. In fact, if you liked this game (even if it’s short) and is looking for a longer twin brother, during sales it cost only $0.99 !

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    It wasn that good of a game for me because it was so damned short. Everything about the game was short.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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