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    I think I am still missing

    Alphadia Genesis 2 – I think I just uploaded the first
    Alphadia – I lost that app before taking a screen shot
    7 sacred beasts – my time is…horrible!
    Elio – NEVER.
    Band of Monsters – Deleted the app before taking a pic. I just got the app again today and I am replaying starting today. Soon.

    Anything else?
    (I just uploaded a new pic, 15 minutes ago, of cross hearts, with the time).

    Other than that, I think I have everything now.


    That’s all. You’re good to go. Thank you. Alphadia genesis 2 is….. BAD. Really Bad. You’ll see once you finish a couple of battles.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.


    I already beat it, I guess I just missed uploading the pic. I have a folder of kemco and other google play apps with just screenshots but I guess I skipped over AG2 accidently, probably because, as you said, it is horrible.

    But I do have a lot of screen shots so if people need more in the future, be sure to let me know.

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    Thanks Travelman, I think I can say you’ve got us off to a roaring start! 🙂

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    Welp,for me
    Elio:play it for a bit(or should i say 85℅)
    Alphadia Genesis 2:sorry to say but i think it’s nor good nor bad(or should i say i forced my self a bit,for the sake of perfection and story)
    Can someone told me about all kemco game that has tweet system

    This one is telling the

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