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    Not sure why, but I had a harder time with this game on my second time around compared to the first time I beat it maybe a year and a half ago.

    The first time I beat it in under 15 hours.

    This time was more than 3 hours more than that.

    I wanted to post two pics. You can see that in just 80 minutes, I got my one guy up 25 levels!

    I could have beat him if I had tried a second time at level 60 (my first attempt I had too few healing items, that was the only issue) but decided to grind because it was just so quick (a level every 3 minutes or so) and beat the last guy with ease on the second try with my lonesome but trusty WILD OAK.

    Oh, normal ending.


    and with that, I think all Kemco games are now covered! (‘cept for elio = no thanks!)

    I went through nearly all of the tower of heaven to the (very last) healing crystal, with just one RARE OAK and his flame branch. Level 60/60.

    Only issue was by the time I got to the end, I was low on healing items and tried to beat the last guy any way. I would have beat him but I ran out of healing items.

    So I left tower of heaven and I got all of my healing items up to 99. I decided to grind right at the very last healing crystal where you get the same monster every battle (chaos motor) and got to level 85 rather quickly (as I said in the last post, 25 levels in 80 minutes).

    If people are wondering how to get a 60/60 monster up to 85, you can use a jewel of sound 3 times to boost max level by 30 which helped the wild oak increase max level to 90 maximum. Also, you can find, in the last dungeon, some items to make stats increase quicker.

    So the second try was no issue at all, and if anything I was over powered.



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