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    Another day, another Exe create rpg.

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    What if Suikoden had been made for the NES? Exe-Create tried to create a standard turn-based RPG (not a tactical RPG!) with dozens of recruitable characters, using an 8-bit music and art motif.

    The story cannot remotely compare to the high-quality storytelling of the Suikoden series. Alvastia Chronicles’ story is inoffensive, but also quite weak and forgettable. The “character development” seems to spring out of nowhere, and the “plot twists” are barely interesting enough to make the text worth reading. Maybe.

    I had a LOT of fun with Alvastia Chronicles’ gameplay on Expert difficulty. Expert difficulty is very punishing – it’s easy to get one-shot without careful preparations and some grinding, although only the ultimate superboss requires a substantial amount of grinding. Putting all stat boosters on one character helps (I chose Alan). The ultimate superboss is balanced to challenge a party with maxed-out stats.

    This is the Switch version, which sells some premium gacha characters in the Arena Shop (notably Bowen, who has the powerful “Dwarf Secrets” bond and who can consistently kill metal monsters in 1 hit).

    It took 29 hours to earn the Normal Ending on Expert. I did get stalled mid-game when a dungeon full of undead monsters kept one-shotting my party, and I had to take a few detours to power the party up (battling random monsters until the area bestiary filled out, earning Shop currency to buy the key to the Shop dungeon and clearing its first floor, etc.)

    It took 35 1/2 hours to earn the True Ending on Expert with all sidequests complete, all non-premium characters recruited, and all Arena battles complete except for the ultimate superboss, who is the final Secret Arena battle.

    It took almost 47 hours to beat the ultimate superboss in their strongest “Level 255” form. The superboss can be fought multiple times; each time the superboss gets stronger until they are Level 255. The Level 255 superboss can be refought as often as the player desires.

    So yes, I spent over 10 hours of grinding just to max out the party’s stats and optimize Alan’s weapon for the superboss. I also did a few other things like earn all awards, completely fill out the bestiary, and recruit all premium characters (through the Arena or through Shop currency earned in-game). I did not raise anyone’s weapon enhancement to +999 (the highest was in the +200’s range), or completely max out every recruited character’s levels, or give every recruited character a +99 bonus with Tears or Hope Stones, or even unlock all of the bonds.

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