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    So, with Monochrome Order coming to Android soon, I thought in sharing my gameplay time here.

    Warning, this was a Steam version. Time taken may differ on Android (but is not expected to).


    Please note I have only finished a single route (“A New Order”), that’s why there is only a red book. The game feature a new game plus mode, as well as postgame features. I also think this game overthrows most, if not every, Exe-Create game thus far.

    Personal Review

    The game is not focused in combat, unlike Exe-Create games where all you do is “Travel from X to Y and then to Z while killing monsters for 6 dialog lines”. However it is not a Visual Novel though (would be “read this then go to X to read that, fight a few monsters, read this other text wall, click a few buttons to change two dialog lines, go to Y, etc.”).

    It is a fun game which makes you waste time deciding over rather meaningless choices; Without however shunning combat (it even have optional BOSSes and grind areas for your amusement – And rare golden bonus monsters).

    The short length is understandable, remember there are five ending variations which unlike Exe-Create where each ending is a cutscene, here each story decision actually affects way more than a cutscene. Even if short, I’ve enjoyed every hour in it; I don’t remember enjoying a game so much as Silver Nornir, will probably go after the other endings.

    Jesusalva’s Rating: 4.9/5.0

    Rationale: I kept switching between mouse and keyboard: -0.1 for this! 😆

    Definitely worth $ 4.99, at very least. (Unless you like mindless grinding.)

    PS. No difficulty settings on this game!


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    Since you gave it a 4,9 rating, I will risk this game. Are in this game any secret locations or everything sooner or later is open to the player?


    Since you gave it a 4,9 rating, I will risk this game. Are in this game any secret locations or everything sooner or later is open to the player?


    Most locations are marked on world map, but the history doesn’t leads you there.

    Some you need to judge in a particular way, or to go out of your way the story proposes to find them.

    Sometimes, whole towns.

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    So I did finish the game as well, though I got the third ending instead (and along with it the Champion Orb that affects all possible targets).

    The game was rather nice, but it seems I forgot how to play games on a cellphone, because I couldn’t find a comfortable place for me to play it. It would be a great game to play on TV on Switch if only the Swich version would cost some normal money and not much over the twice price of the Android version (Android 25, and Switch 60 here). For this sole reason I even stopped making judgements, becasue doing some running shoes in pain was not what I would want to do.

    Although, among that few cases I did complete, the topics of them were really something what we most likely will never see in EXE-CREATE games. I don’t think we will see there a child abuse, a sexual assault and then murder or kidnapping a child to force their “father” to pay alimony. For that reason, including in it some hard topics, this game gets a big + from me.

    Too bad the map and the mini map are so bad that quite often I didn’t know where I am and where I should go. Even though the stages themselves are pretty small. For this reason the game gets a big — from me.

    In the end I do not regret spending money on this game, though I’m not sure if I will try to get the other ending(s) anytime soon (especially that in a few days I will get Digimon, and then in a next few days Pokemon games).



    @jesusalva What choices did you make to get the New order ending and what rewards did you get for finishing it?


    A New Order
    1. Protect Her
    2. Refuse to hand her over
    3. Don’t dispatch the corps
    4. Forgive
    5. Amtese River route
    6. Don’t join
    7. Don’t Seal
    8. Leave him be
    9. Kill Fenge

    Reward: I don’t remember receiving any reward, but now you mention it, I do see a Champion Orb.

    I guess it is either a first end reward; Or maybe a reward for each ending you get?


    We shall see what’s the next reward once someone will beat the game twice ;).

    An Organization in Pieces
    1. Protect her.
    2. Refuse.
    3. Dispatch.
    4. Forgive.
    5. Alhabina Bridge.
    6. Join.
    7. Forgive.

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    If you chose not to help the girl, you will get a short but quite fun and different story called an “Inevitable Destruction” with a different end boss (in fact two bosses) and a new character. After clearing it the Chaos Dragon is unsealed (but this time no orb reward).

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