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    I noticed that when I was playing the game, i was having more fun without the MTX to break the game. However, I cannot overlook the fact that Jobs are tacked on badly. There is no incentive to mix and match jobs and you can win the game by sticking to what jobs you had at the start of the game. For example, I made Raphel a mage, Henry a priest, Alexia a soldier, and Amelia, a Hunter. Raphel, Henry, and Amelia never changed jobs. I had Alexia try the swordsman job but she did better as a soldier. Your previous job skills don’t carry over to other jobs and with everyobne else doing good as they were, I had no reason to switch jobs.

    It was fun I admit but hugely mediocre. Locking 2 of your jobs behind a lootbox/Slot machine in a paid game is shitty as hell Kemco.


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