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    The game was short as were the dungeons. Thats… all i can say.

    Also, a team of mages breaks the game wide open. If i were to play this game again, i’d take all 3 mages and a Monk


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    Yes, but at the start you don’t know about the best party.  Did you like the game?  I enjoyed it.  Did you have fun at the arena?  BTW, the right party makes a big difference in the arena.  That was part of the fun–figuring out things that actually make a difference.  In a lot of games party configuration doesn’t matter.

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    1. I actually started the game multiple times and tried many combos until I settled on the all-waifu one. I once had a team with Warrior, Monk Ranger, and a Red Mage. Basically, a team with no medic is a team that will need a medic.

    PS: I played the GBA FF with the same party as Eternal Concord with a Warrior and all 3 mages. I thought Blacksmith’s debuffs would help but they did not at all and my mages were outdamaging her at every chance.

    1. I found the game to be fun at first but then the battles turned into a damage race. It was more viable to put a Light Robe+Bunny ears so my mages can cast All Aether/Elements before the monsters get a chance to react. The dungeons wrre short and they semmed rather anemic with the loot they have which left me wanting more loot.
    2. I did not try the fights at the arrena since I was Level 50 and I already had the best gear for my partty. At that point, I was done with the game and ready to shelve it.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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