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    It was a very, very, very by the numbers RPG. Thats about all i can say. However, i liked the idea of getting rewards for filling out the monster catalogue and wished it was more easier to complete since youre at tge mercy of the RNG gods if you want to get the special rewards. It was insulring that the game expected you to get 18000 contributions just to get the S-rank missions. When I finished, all i has was 12000 and this was after completing every guild quest up to A rank. Whats the point of having rewards for S rank if its the highest and you have no more need for contributions? This was just poorly designed and the number shouls have been a more reasonable 8000 instead. Due to that,I didnt bother trying to complete all the guild missions but i finished all the subquests.

    In short, just a very generic game but servicable enough if you need a RPG fix.

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    This is the PS4/PS5 version, played on the highest difficulty of Hard. I didn’t buy any paid DLC, although I did use Shop currency earned in-game to buy the “full MP/AP restore after every battle” upgrade, a couple Storehouse keys, and plenty of stat boosters for Gwen.

    Ghost Sync isn’t terribly difficult on Hard, but powered-up random encounter enemies – especially powered-up large enemies – are quite dangerous and can kill the party when on par with their level. The final boss is also pretty tough.

    It took roughly 22 hours to reach the first Normal Ending with all sidequests complete, all regular Arena battles cleared once, all Guild Missions cleared through A-rank, and all Playstation trophies earned except for the trophies that require getting the second and third endings.

    It took roughly 23 hours to see all three endings, earn all trophies, and clear the first Secret Arena battle. The postgame dungeon (required to earn the third ending) is quite easy. The first Secret Arena battle was much more challenging.

    It took roughly 31 hours 30 min to finish all Guild Missions, complete the Secret Arena, earn the prize from the Billions challenge, encounter each monster in the catalog at least once, and earn every reward from the Credits menu.

    The last two catalog monsters to discover were both Mimic enemies. To find them quickly, I spent Shop currency at Attract Pillars on the “fight box/rock enemies” option.

    I didn’t get all the catalog rewards for defeating dozens of each monster. That prospect was way too tedious without the ability to force encounters with every step on the world map (only available through paid DLC).

    I didn’t max out all skill trees for the entire party. To get the Credits rewards for “learn all magic”, I temporarily reset Unique skills and applied their blue stones to learning all magic spells; then I reset the magic skill trees and got the party’s Unique skills back. Burning gold to do this was not a problem, as gold eventually becomes near-useless outside of paying fees for Arena battles. (I didn’t farm the Arena, but it would be the fastest way to get stat boosters if the player wanted max stats for whatever reason).

    I spent about 2 hours grinding monster furs in Sharbe Icepit to turn in for Guild Points. Earning Guild S-Rank didn’t take very long (maybe 20 minutes), but maxing out Guild Points for the Credits reward was tedious and almost pointless. I say “almost” because I did get plenty of Guild Coins in the process.

    An utterly pointless grind to was to earn the final Credits reward for “number of magic skills used”. I was short because I’d been relying heavily on Gwen’s non-magical spear skills.

    To speed up the “number of magic skills used” grind, I made the party temporarily unlearn their Unique skills, then set “Heal/Support Only” in autobattle tactics for each party member. Then I had the party autobattle a slime. The party quickly cast support spells over and over again, using MP potions as needed, and I just let the game play itself for several minutes.

    The most interesting challenges were the Arena and the Secret Arena at lower-than-expected levels. Finishing the regular Arena at level 85+ was pretty fun, and taught me a lot about how the game worked. I chose to grind metal monsters for a while before clearing the Secret Arena, raising Gwen (my stat-boosted character) to level 450ish. Other characters were 350+ because Metal Golems kept KOing them and denying them experience.

    The last Secret Arena battle is Ghost Sync’s ultimate optional superboss. It’s relatively easy by superboss standards, but still took a long time at my levels.

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