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    Completed game with all side quests completed and 1 postgame monster slain.

    One of the better Hit-Point RPGs by far. I honestly cant find anything bad to say about this game since its short and sweet, there’s no mechanics that are annoying, the story is actually fun (Although it has some jarring mood-whiplash moments), and the premise is actually interesting.

    Even better, the difficulty is much more fair than Monster Viator and Tetrarchs or any of their games since defense actually matters and a variety of builds are possible. Losing the gold system was weird but finding ores in towns and dungeons so you can make weapons actually turned out to be fun as hell. You can tell that they cut out even more of their annoying features from Viator and Tetrarchs by making your party only 4 people and letting you play around with them as they please and it just works so much better.

    Its one of the games you should recommend to anyone starting kemco games for the first time.

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