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    Beaten to Normal (and only end). Didn’t bother with the toy sidequest.

    Tip for the final boss: Make sure you have two healers (Bathlet and Gachu are good for this). Once you’re close to killing the first phase of the final boss, make sure you save up to full SP before killing the first form. The 2nd form will wreck you if you run out of SP and you get so little SP that its certain death. Following that, you want to make sure you stay alive for as long as possible with Shan and Honoaka dealing the most damage.

    This game is just forgettable. There’s nothing new in this game that works or is fun and thats all I can say. It really is one of the games that will fade into the background. This hurts even more when you consider that Hit-Point’s games are the ones that actually have something worth remembering about but this one just does not. Add onto the fact that everyone talks too much and is just bland as heck and while the actual hand-drawn portraits for in-game events are pretty neat and bring some character, they’re too infrequent for them to actually matter.Β  The quartz reminds me of Elio and how it was a soulless gacha game given that the IAP shop is just a slot machine. Thankfully, you don’t need any of the IAP quartz to beat the game but the fact that the IAP shop is a slot machine indicates that they were willing to make you pay more just so you can beat the game.

    Just skip this one because like Elio, you will either forget this game or remember it for the wrong reasons. Its such a step down from Tetrarchs given how the games got better past Tetrarchs.

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