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    Beaten to only end, didn’t feel like dealing with postgame monsters since there was really no new stuff. And no, that’s not a mistake. I went into the final bosses with Ursula as a human and she kicked ass.

    This is such a breath of fresh air after the disappointments of Metal Max XENO and Gale of Windoria because its fun beyond belief. Making and strengthening golems with upgrades is such a good feeling and this game fixes one of the major flaws of the Metal Max series. They actually make levels worth something with the addition of the INT stat that causes human stats to factor more into Golem stats and scaling so you know you’re getting stronger both ways.

    The open world was nice but there’s too many towns and not enough dungeons to make the world feel worthwhile to explore. There are optional dungeons sure but they are few and far between that it just feels like you’re going from point A to point B instead of putting multiple locales in between towns. I would have also liked some more dungeons overall and some on-foot only dungeons so the gear you buy for humans actually matters. Adding in unique skills for the humans would have improved the game by giving each character a defined role instead of just being blank slates with different stats.

    The story is disjointed because most of the important plot points happen at the endgame and is not the game’s strong suit to begin with. The world looks like every other hit-point world with the unique places being the deserts with massive craters which is a shame given that Metal Max does do its job to show a post-apocalyptic world so Armed Emeth should have pushed to make a much more interesting world.

    Despite the flaws, its a very solid and fun game that really shows just why Hit-Point should take over the Metal Max series and go all-in on the concepts here.

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