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    I will have a pic up soon


    Characters between levels 87 to 89, nearly 100% complete. Just a few more things to do (that I will probably never get to, lol, I think I left a topic about one of the few things I am still missing).

    Recently beaten since April 1: Sephirothic Stories (android, kemco), Soulblazer (snes, arpg), Seek hearts (android, kemco), Super Metroid (snes), Legend of Tetrarchs (android, kemco), Castlevania 4 (snes), Actraiser (snes), Demons Crest (snes, platformer), Holy Umbrella (snes, platformer), Arcana (snes rpg)
    (Updated May 6)

    Kemco games I still need to beat: (2) Dragon Lapis, Dimension Cross


    As mentioned before, its better if you post in this thread here because they’re already made so you dont clog the individual pages.

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