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    14h 38m 29s
    Hard difficulty, normal ending, and no post-game. Level 78 characters

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    This is for the Nintendo Switch version, on the highest difficulty of Expert. Console versions of Seek Hearts give the player a LOT more quartz than the mobile version does. The player can earn 90 quartz a day from Extra Quests, and random battles (that are not instantly won with the battle shortcut) occasionally give 10 quartz.

    I spent quartz on orbs that reduce the time needed to grind skills, and orbs that increase gold (more gold = more store-bought weapons to increase Izen’s stats). Late in the game, I bought orbs that increase party experience.

    But what really broke the game was the Driving Shard, and its fairy burst ability “Don’t Move!”, which drastically delays the turn of ALL enemies, by pushing them to the end of the battle timeline. I believe the Driving Shard is from an early dungeon, but it might be behind floor arrows. I spent some quartz on the armor to disable floor arrows; I think the same armor is also obtainable from the Arena.

    Customizing Izen with high Speed meant that he could alternate Fairy Charge and “Don’t Move!” throughout an entire boss fight, and THE BOSS WOULD NEVER GET A TURN. On Expert.

    The only exceptions were metal monsters, which are immune to “Don’t Move!”, and the ultimate superboss, whose speed is so high on Expert that even at 999 speed Izen couldn’t block ALL of its turns on his own.

    Normal Ending with all main game sidequests complete and all Arena challenges through the first rank of the Butler Cup took about 32 hours. Boss and Arena fights were slow; at the low level of 65 on Expert, the rest of the party was very gradually chipping away at enemy health while Izen did nothing but deny the enemy turns.

    True Ending with all sidequests complete and all Arena challenges except for the final Arena challenge done took about 40 hours. Again, level 99 is fairly low for Expert difficulty, and the true final boss was a long slog of Izen’s friends gradually chipping away boss HP while Izen kept the boss locked down.

    At about 46 hours, the final save has all characters raised to level 999 (grinding on Metal Fish island with the Fragrant Vest equipped and the battle shortcut turned on made this relatively quick), and all challenges complete including Trial Tower and the optional superboss on Expert. The party doesn’t quite have max stats, but everyone’s Speed is maxed or close to it.

    The optional superboss on Expert is the only fight that really forced me to use the more valuable battle items I’d saved up, especially Hi-Ion Batteries and items that debuff enemies.

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