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    This is the Steam version.

    One of the best Exe-Create i ever played so far, and it’s got many references from the old titles like the Meteor and Crystals of Alphadia IV and V, and the political war of Alphadia 1 and 3.

    Alphadia Neo doesn’t have post-game story event, guild, and true end. Only 1 end (as thing should be) and 3 post-game dungeons:

    Energi Workshop HQ at the west of the ruined Kingdom of Strudel (Lv. 75), about a hidden laboratory.

    Fububu Ruins at the east of the Royal Kingdom of Seral (Lv. 80), and it’s about a hidden ruined town.

    And lastly, the Chaos Tower at the north of the Holy Kingdom of Diosfrule (Lv. 90), and it’s about a hidden tower where the Lunker lord of the Lunker Lords, the Olden Oarfish resides.

    Beaten in very hard mode and completed all sidequests, fish catalog and monster catalog. Also acquired every skills and Energi Arts including all resonant skills.


    That’s not actually the right time if you asked me. I spend a lot of time grinding for Orion stones and afk a lot so this one is not that accurate.

    If you’re only to play the game for story, you might get a lower time but you possibly get his record if you’re achieving completionist.

    For story only: 10-15hrs (grinding is necessary)

    Completionist: 20-35hrs



    The game required you to reach all Energi at 99 if you don’t want to messed-up in late game bosses. (Trust me, you should) or at least the Energies that unlocked buff and all heal Arts.

    The game will required you to reach specific Energi elements at 99 (better if all at 99) if you don’t want to messed-up in the late game bosses (trust me, you should), because you needed some fusion Energi Arts to not died easily.

    Buying ‘Treasure Storehouse key’ is a must if you like to progress easily. There’s a total of 8 and 5 of them are includes the All target weapons that can boost your attack and Magic attack and have status bonuses STR & MND +16% = 277 added ATK, 84 added STR and 107 added MND which is very helpful at early to mid game.

    Fishing is recommended to do for its FP mart goods like Armor that can boost your defense and Magic defense and it also have VIT & MVIT +10% = 183 added DEF, 77 added VIT and 76 added MVIT which is very helpful at early to mid game.

    Always use Darkness skill ‘Shadow’ as possible, since the more you use it, the more damage it dealt. Example: 700 times used = 90k damage.

    Buffs and Debuffs are important as this act as your lifesaver against powerful bosses.


    Neo has an interesting and decent story of so far by Exe-Create and mixing the concept of Energi conflict, political war, and the Crystals into one are not bad. The characters are well made, mostly Souffle and Enah, because of their development arc and Alt’s entire character shocking revelation.

    One thing that makes the game decent are the development arcs of the Characters. Some of you may argue about this since I’m not actually good at making this type of post but Alt has the most impactful development in the game because of a revelation about himself near the end of the game, and the way he react to it will make you love his character. Unfortunately, the game ends leaves a mystery to the players.


    The Gameplay is the same as other Exe-Create games, heavily influenced by previous title like Sword of Elpisia and more. Battle System is not bad but the lack of defense option or to cancel your turn without doing a thing is a big downgrade for me. Like if you don’t have stock of healing item to cancel your turn, you will be forced to attack instead to plan out what to do.

    Also one thing i almost forgot to say that the game status is capped to 99, means, your health is capped to 9999, as well your EP to 999 and your level to 99. Even though you reach 99, enemies can still beat you and even one-shot you if you’re not careful enough. That’s why buffs and debuffs are necessary.


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