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    MSG Commander

    Ok, this is kind of a “first draft” of trying to incorporate some of the ideas people have put forth before, but have a look at the landing pages for Alphadia and Eve of the Genesis:

    For sure, there’s room for improvement, but I think these pages are definitely better than what we’ve got right now for all the other games.  🙄

    Anyway I’d love to get some feedback on what other information could be useful on these pages (without making it too cluttered or confusing.)

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    Hey, they look better than I expected!  I don’t think you want too much on the page.

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    MSG Commander

    Thanks. My goal is to add some bit of “value” to those pages, and to make it an easy reference point for some of the things that have been discussed in these topics:



    (Of course, I didn’t read through either of the topics before creating those info pages – but hey, at least I remembered where to find them this time!)

    It seems like there’s some merit in including some of that information; I just don’t know what’s the most important out of it all.

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