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    MSG Commander

    This topic is for announcing new or future updates to the site, and the content will be “recycled” when new announcements are made.

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    MSG Commander

    So I’m working on some “minor” fixes to the site (things that have been bothering me personally, but I’ve never got around to actually working on):

    Removing ads from what I call “admin pages” (like login, register, user profile pages)

    Removing ads from the “Games” page (since the whole purpose of that page is just to find information on the game you’re looking for)

    Removing the “written by” from admin pages (like I really need people to know that “Log In” was written by MSG Commander) :p

    Adding author and date information to the listings on the “Blog” page (so that you can quickly see who wrote each blog post).

    Possibly adding an “infinite scroll” doohickey thingamabob to the “Games” page (like, show the first 18-20 games, then have a “Load More” option, so’s when you first navigate to the page it’ll load faster… this one might take awhile unless I get lucky and someone sends me the necessary JavaScript and it works straightaway lol…)

    I’m also getting into the habit of viewing the site on different browsers and different devices – but I don’t personally own any Apple devices so I really hope everything looks awesome on your iPhone! (But I well never know!!!!)

    I might also try again to find a better forum editor (I don’t even like the one we have, but so far it’s the best I’ve been able to find for bbPress… so all you guys who like writing long forum posts, I do feel your pain…)

    If there’s any other “minor” issues any of you have with the site, please include them here… I can’t promise to fix everything but I will give it the old college try! 🙂

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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