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    I could probably set up for donations as well – although I’d have to call it something different. I’ve looked into doing donations in the past, but the way I understand PayPal’s rules, only a true “licensed” (or whatever they call it) non-profit can legally accept “donations” – and “donations” is the only PayPal option I’m aware of that will allow the sender to input their desired amount.

    There are posts in PayPal’s forums of individuals who set up to take donations through PayPal, and then couldn’t collect because they didn’t have the non-profit organization paperwork. Maybe some people get away with it, and the ones that post on PayPal are just the unlucky ones, but for darn sure until I know that money sent my way actually comes all the way to “me” I don’t want to take those chances.

    I don’t know if I just have to call it something else, or if it has to be like a “Buy It Now” transaction where you just feel in the amount, or what. Or if you can fill in the amount on a “Buy It Now.” I tried to sort that all out awhile back and just couldn’t make sense of it all. (For a company who makes their living off of accepting money from other people, and then holding that money on the behalf of the intended recipient, they don’t make it very easy for us intended recipients to figure out how to set it all up so we can receive the money… Either that I’m just old and can’t figure it out.)

    And honestly as long as the ads generate enough $$ to keep the site going, I’m generally happy. However, it would seem silly at this point to not accept money if people wanted to give it to me… but really I’m in no rush… just putting the subscription idea out there…

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    What about letting some company do this for you?
    While some people doesn’t like it (and I understand why), and ṕersonally I’ve never used, you might want to take a look at Patreon. You only receive 90% from income, some users might need to pay VAT, however it might be worth looking into.
    There’s some relevant legal stuff about accepting donations versus selling an ad-removal service. Applicable laws are different. For example, if I buy an ad-removal tool and website experiences a downtime of 3 days, I can request a 10% refund because I was not able to use the service I’ve paid for. However, if it’s a donation to an individual, depending on how you’ve written about ad-removal you’re not liable for website downtimes. I cannot request a refund because I’ve done a donation, not bought a service. 🙂
    However, if you say, “by doing this donation you have the right to an ad-removal service on” then you’re liable for website downtimes!

    AFAIK patreon also accepts paypal. However there’s some Credit Card requirement which is one of the reasons people doesn’t like it. Anyway, objective is not advise Patreon on itself (although you might want to take a look at), but to encourage new suggestions. Do some research first.

    Also, someone mentioned about ad-blocks allowing some ads.
    They only allow on a special list of websites (which is almost none).
    Requirements are also picky.
    On other hand, they often allow you to disable all ads (on settings).
    The objective of this is to say that it's possible to make revenue with ads, without being obstrusive.

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves

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    MSG Commander

    I’ve made a very small change to the ad placement: now the two “side” ads both appear at the top of the sidebar, and all navigation links are underneath. The reason for this is change, is so that now mobile users can quickly scroll to the very bottom of a page and access the navigation links (instead of having to look for the links in between the two different ads.)

    It doesn’t really affect anything except for hopefully making the mobile UX slightly better, but I just wanted to let people know about it.

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    MSG Commander


    I’m looking into the information on Patreon. (Thanks @jesusalva )

    Meanwhile, I’m running a test: NO ADS for anyone when they’re logged in. I’ve been watching the forum for a long time, and we typically have between 8-12 members log in per day – and yet, the site gets thousands of visitors per month… So, I’m thinking, I probably won’t lose any significant $$$ by turning off ads for people who are logged in. (And besides, I know for myself that when I’m logged in I don’t want to deal with the ads or wait for them to load… I just want to get straight to the content…) So, anyway, I’ll watch my earnings for the next couple weeks and see if it seems to make any difference or not…

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