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    MSG Commander

    Test to see that the BBcodes are all still working.

    These codes are allowed in the forums, although many of them can be selected from the visual editor just as well:



    [b]Bold Text[/b] Bold Text
    [i]Italic[/i] Italic
    [color=#ff0000]Color[/color] Red Text (other colors can be chosen as well, but must be 6-digit CSS values)
    [size=18]18-point font[/size] 18-point font (change the # to change the font size)
    [b][i][color=#008000][size=18]Bold, Italic, Green 18-point font[/color][/size][/i][/b] Bold, Italic, Green 18-point font
    [center]Align Center[/center]
    Align Center
    [left]Align Left[/left]
    Align Left
    [right]Align Right[/right]
    Align Right
    [quote]Quote Text[/quote]

    This lets you quote text (without quoting the author)

    [url]Full URL[/url]
    [url url=””]Clickable Text Link[/url] RPG Insanity

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    MSG Commander

    Also allowed are: Spoilers, Images, and Youtube!

    For placing spoilers:
    [spoiler]For hiding text or images[/spoiler]

    This text is hidden.
    (Note: [spoiler title=”Title] will change the title inside the spoiler, as demonstrated below.

    For placing images:


    For sharing Youtube videos:
    [youtube url=””]
    (Though, it’s easier to just copy and paste the URL directly into your message.)

    Youtube videos

    Last but not least: Lists, Tabs and Tables

    Ordered and Unordered Lists
    [li]Item 1[/li]
    [li]Item 2[/li]
    [li]Item 3[/li]
    1. Item 1
    2. Item 2
    3. Item 3
    [li]Item 1[/li]
    [li]Item 2[/li]
    [li]Item 3[/li]
    • Item 1
    • Item 2
    • Item 3

    Set it upAdditional tabsEnding tabs
    To set up tabs:

    First tab:
    [tab title=”tab 1″]
    Enter your text
    Each additional tab:
    [tab title=”next in line”]
    Enter your text
    To close it all up:
    Make sure you use both /tab and /tabs!
    Otherwise your browser will still be waiting for the last tab to be closed, and the whole thing won’t display properly.
    (I know, because I did it.  😳 )

    [tr]First row
    td]First row, first column[/td]
    [td]First row, second column[/td]
    [tr]Second row
    [td]Second row, first column[/td]
    [td]Second row, second column[/td]

    First row, first column First row, second column
    Second row, first column Second row, second column

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