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    MSG Commander

    **pulls off superhero mask**
    I believe I have finally got the “Previous” and “Next” page links sorted out for all walkthrough pages!


    (I really, really, really hope I have it right this time…)

    Now, when you navigate to any walkthrough page, at the bottom of that page there will be links to, you guess it – the “Previous” page, and the “Next” page. (Except that, if you’re on the first page for that game, you will only see the “Next” link, and if you’re on the last page for that game, you’ll only see the “Previous” link.)

    I’m super duper excited, because although this is a rather small change, it’s one of a handful of things I’ve wanted to have since I started planning this site back in January 2015! (So I’m really hyped right now, and like I said, REALLY hoping that it all actually works – I have tested it but not on all 800+ pages lol…)

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