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    MSG Commander

    Hey everyone,

    Happy 4th to all of our US members. If you celebrate today, please do so safely and responsibly…

    Real quick just so everyone knows – a few weeks ago my mom had knee replacement surgery. It went well and she’s recovering faster than expected. But I’ve been home with her since the surgery and so I haven’t done much related to gaming.

    Also now that she can get around better, I’m finally able to do some much needed yard work (stuff I normally would’ve done in the Spring, but it literally rained every day here until about the 1st of June). I expect I have another week or two of working in the yard – and taking care of Mom – so I won’t have a lot of time to devote to the site. (I’ll have some time, but just not a lot.)

    There are a few things I’ve mentioned I’d work on like the game landing page, and a couple PM’s that I haven’t answered yet in full; I will get to all those things but it’s just gonna take longer than I’d originally thought. I’m trying to check the forum everyday still, but I won’t always be “on” everyday for a little while.

    Anyway hope everyone enjoys their day, and their summer (unless you’re in part of the world where it’s winter right now?), and hopefully Kemco brings us another GOOD game soon…

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    Dont worry about moderating, my hammer is always ready!

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    Kwahahahahahaha,finally i old enough to say i am not a NEW member,bwahaahahaha,as a reward i create a topic

    This one is telling the


    That would explain why it’s so hard to understand what you write on this site.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

    MSG Commander

    So, I’ve finally got our yard under control, and mom is able to get around pretty well on her own now, and yesterday I threw my back out trying to tie up a tree in our front yard… I swear, sometimes you just can’t win…

    So the good news is at least I have to take things easy now for awhile (aka “play games”), but the bad news is I still need to limit my actual time at the computer until my back is better. So I can play on my tablet and check the forum from there etc., but performing site updates will be a little harder.

    Anyway I’m gonna try and spend this weekend just catching up on the forum (and finally playing some Chroma Squad! yippee!) and maybe also a bit of What Hadjane Says… Anyway I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!

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