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    I found a plugin that lets me show random links to related game content in the forum and the Peanut Gallery! (Well, the links are related to the game you’re currently viewing, but the order of the links presented is random.) Anyway, now if you go to you’ll see two new entries in the sidebar: “Related Forum Topics” and “Related Peanut Gallery Articles.”

    Likewise, forum topics will show links to Peanut Gallery, and Peanut Gallery will show links to the forum topics.

    I’m waiting to hear back from the developer to see if I can also link to the top-level “pages” (like Location Walkthrough, Bonus Material, etc.), but right now the plugin doesn’t link to pages at all, so… still I think what it does do, is pretty neat.

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    Wowee!! Very nice:). Only question: by default are ALL forum topics within a game or whatever top category you use shown? Can you limit to which ones? What happens if there are so many they don’t fit (do you get a scrollbar, does the area resize, is it just cut off, etc)?
    Anyway, except for the junk I just mentioned, looks great, solves the big problem, and leaves only renaming “Peanut Gallery.” I have an idea for that: how about a naming CONTEST!! You and Azyleo be judges, but anybody can submit entry or entries.

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    MSG Commander

    … renaming “Peanut Gallery.” I have an idea for that: how about a naming CONTEST!!

    You know, that’s not a bad idea… Give me a day or two to brainstorm and I’ll post that as a new topic (so that names don’t just get lost in the wrong place.)

    As to articles in the yet-to-be-named blog section — now that these links are in place, I think it will help more people to find the reviews that are written there (that are mostly from @1oldtymer, by the way).

    The way the plugin works, it finds all the forum topics or blog posts that are most relevant to whatever page you’re currently on, and then spits out a random list of 5 of those topics or blog posts. So… navigate to a page, forum topic, or blog post for “Asdivine Menace,” and you’ll see that the “Related Forum Topics” links will change each time you refresh the page… that’s because there are a boat load of topics for Asdivine Menace.

    On the other hand, there are only like 3 topics in the Alphadia forum, so if you’re on an Alphadia game page, you’ll always get the same 3.

    I want to also link from a blog post or forum topic, to the most relevant Game pages – but the plugin I’m using doesn’t support actual “pages” – only “posts,” “forums,” and “topics.” Otherwise, someone could read a blog post review of Asdivine Menace, and off to the side they’d see a list of links to 5 Asdivine Menace forum topics, and another set of 5 Asdivine Menace game pages (whether they be in the location walkthrough, hints and tips, bonus material, etc…) If I could do that, as well, then all the content on the site would be totally inter-connected.

    (It’s funny; for two years I haven’t had “related links” and thought, “well I don’t really need ’em anyway.” Now that I’ve had them up for two DAYS, I wonder how I ever lived without it!)

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