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    Since the year is just a couple of weeks aways from ending, let’s share our top 10 android games of this year. I played a lot of games released this year but I’m curious if I missed some good ones. Well, lets  start with my list.


    10. Djinn Caster

    This is my biggest surprise of this year and not only because Kemco outsource from a different company but because its really rare to see a very polished 2D ARPG that ism’t plague by in-apps and is playable offline. Definitely my top 3 favorite  2D ARPG of all time just behind Inotia 3 and Lost Guardian Hyper.


    9. Dead Rain

    It plays kinda like Vector but with zombies. I love its graphical art style and there are so many upgrades and replayability. Its very cheap too.


    8. Corpse Party: Blood Drive

    Released earlier this year. This game is the scariest gameon Android(obviously). Great gameplay, nice graphics and really intriguing story. I’m seriously glad Android got this. Warning though, this requires a fairly powerful phone.


    7. Fire Emblem Heroes

    This isn’t the FE game we wished Nintendo to release for mobile but its FE nonetheless and its decent at being that. Its bite-size FE but the basics are there and although its multilayer with in-apps it is still very playable for free players.


    6. Fernz Gate

    I never really like all the games of Exe-Create that are carbon copy of Asdivine but this one somehow hits a spot in my heart. I love the characters and the dialog for once didn’t cringe the hell out of me every conversation.


    5. Cat Quest

    Its a cat.. with a sword… Do I need to say more?


    4. Runic Rampage

    This went under everyone’s radar but its one of the best game this year. Very polished ARPG and although it played it safe in terms of features it sure does work well. I’m still playing it and having a blast.


    3. Arena of Valor

    Its a MOBA. A MOBA that I actually enjoyed. I did play Dota 1 years ago but after that I just don’t feel playing the other popular MOBAs because they failed to attract me. I do admit that what attracted me on this game are the two heroes that I really love on Chinese History which are Lu Bu and Diao Chan. After a few games I got toally hook and been playing at least 10-15 match per week(yes I’m still not totally hook with MOBA to spend more than that).


    2. Witchspring 3

    Its the last of the Witchspring trilogy and oh boy, what a ride it has been. Definitely the best series on mobile or even in the history of gaming. Great story, really good mechanics and lovely characters. The only thing I didn’t like on this game is the newly changed training system. I prefer the one from Witchspring 2.


    1. Egglia: Legend of the Redcap.

    Although this list is my personal list there is one game that no one can argue that isn’t the creme of the crop of this year’s mobile game releases and that game is Egglia: Legend of the Redcap. Created by a veteran in the industry who help create some of the best games ever like the Mana series and Mother 3, Egglia delivers a very deep gameplay with a lot of cool features, great combat, lovely story and characters that you will truly remember. This is the Mobile Game of the Year.

    Favorites: Blood of Calamity | Chronus Arc | Band of Monster | Machine Knight | Djinm Caster | Justice Chronicles | Unlucky Hero | Fernz Gate | Dragon Lapis

    Disliked: Asdivine Dios | Fairy Elements

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    Eh, I have not played 10 games in 2017, let alone 10 games released in 2017, so I don’t think I can contribute here 😛 🙂


    But my favorite release from 2017 which I actually played is Fernz Gate. Probably the best game Exe-Create did thus far. I am not in ARPGs like Djiin Caster or the more ‘classic’ JRPGs/x-bit games like Dragon Lapis/Wizards of Brandel, so I have not downloaded/played them.

    Therefore, the only game I can mention is Fernz Gate, and that because I liked it.

    Ah yes, I almost forgot. It would be nice if there were a poll on the forum. If there was a list of games released in 2017, and asked to pick the “best” game, I would surely choose Fernz Gate over the other options. But that is something which was already discussed at Suggestion Box (I think?). Probably too much trouble to do! 😛 😀

    Jesusalva / Jesusaves


    IMO. 2017 is the best year for android gaming with so many great titles released be it a port or mobile original. I really think that you’re missing out on a lot of good games(unless you’re busy with more important task, thats understandable)) other than the 10 I listed,  there are still spectacular games out there like Portal Knight, RPGolf, Monumental Valley 2, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Final Fantasy Dimension II(yeah, it kinda flop but new paid SE game is always nice to have), Death Road to Canada, Love You to Bits, Morphite, ICEY, To the Moon, Planescape: Torment and a few lot more that I can’t recall right now.


    Reason I fully switch to mobile gaming is because the quality of games have improve over the years and I can’t justify shelling out 60 bucks on pc games if I can only play with my pc for several hours per week so at least with mobile games, I can always carry my tablet whenever I go.

    Favorites: Blood of Calamity | Chronus Arc | Band of Monster | Machine Knight | Djinm Caster | Justice Chronicles | Unlucky Hero | Fernz Gate | Dragon Lapis

    Disliked: Asdivine Dios | Fairy Elements


    Welp, nothing for now(I had some tough luck,with gacha system game and whatever luck or p2w game,so no for me)yep,and it’s joke

    This one is telling the


    Fernz Gate was awesome from KEMCO.

    Other than that. Hmm, I don’t really check which games get released at specific time but will check on my huge list of games on gplay 

    Welcome 😇

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