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    Hey everyone,

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, also Happy Hannukah (sp?) and any other winter holiday (I only know Christmas…)

    The holidays have got me more distracted than I expected, so I haven’t been as active these last few weeks as I wanted to be. (So, I know there’s a few minor issues that need fixing; I just haven’t felt like fixing ’em yet… Hopefully after New Year’s things will calm down…)

    Anyway, I hope everybody has a fun and memorable holiday (but all of you that go back to school/work after the New Year, please also have a safe holiday… well technically I hope everyone has a safe holiday, as well as it being fun, so even if you don’t go back to shool/work, please still be safe lol).

    I’ll probably be on the forum here and there next week but I probably won’t do anything really significant… hope everyone’s holiday is good…

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    Felicitations to all! Whatever your celebration, I hope it is joyful (and includes delicious food and lots of naps!).

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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