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    The android handheld that probably should not exist but does, the GPD XD is a tablet with a 3DS form factor with a built in controller. As you would guess it is designed to play games, through both legal and less than legal means. Because I am a wierdo, and the rules of the land, I’m going to completely ignore the emulation side and instead write a few of my impressions concerning Android native games.

    I’ve only had it for a very short while, but this things been a blast. Various phone games with digital controllers feel great with physical ones, and that includes Kemco RPGs. I tested out Alivasta and it works like a charm, I didn’t even have to bind the keys to anything, I was surprised. Though at the same time, I was unfortunately not able to get Asdivine Cross to work with it, which is one of my personal favorites. Justice Chronicles seems to run fine, though.

    This little guy is a power house, too. It has run every android game I’ve through at it thus far, even intentionally high end stuff like Nimian Lengends: Brightridge runs with little issue.

    All that said, this thing is pretty pricey to put it mildly. I got mine from Ebay for $120, but they easily go for twice that, not even including the 2018 update version.

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