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    MSG Commander

    Bumping due to another recent phishing attempt on the site.

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    Number of phishing messages I’ve deleted from my RPG Insanity account: 2.

    Number of phishing messages I’ve deleted from my personal email account: probably 100,000

    Number of phishing messages I’ve deleted from my business email account: probably 1 million.

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    @victar, yeah, Email accounts are getting the most phishing/SPAM messages and there’s not much anyone can do except deleting all of them.


    Here it didn’t happen many times although at one point there was so huge SPAM I almost couldn’t keep up with deleting each message (only @msg-commander can delete all SPAM topics through a few clicks. I had to delete 50-200 SPAM messages from Forums manually every single day for some time, which usually took 20 minutes up to an hour.. I’m glad I don’t have to spend time doing this anymore. 

    Welcome 😇

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    Just to make sure. PM stands for (not post meridiem, the other one) private message, right?

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    Yep. PM or Private Message means the same as DM or Direct Message. PMs and DMs are plural versions of Private Messages or Direct Messages.

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