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    I don’t see anything at all that KEMCO developers do. Well it gets me a little frustrated.

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    Latest thing they did was release Dragon Sinker on Playstation, according to


    Not sure what they’re developing right now, though. We can probably only especulate.



    I agree, Mastertrek. It is frustrating. They got us used to new Android/iOS games every month or two, but now it seems as if they are only interested in porting their games to other platforms. I understand wanting to squeeze every dollar possible from their games by expanding into other markets. However, they still have several games that they could simply translate and release to Android/iOS. I hope this trend doesn’t mean they are abandoning us. I really look forward to….okay, I check daily for….a new game. Don’t know what I would do without my Kemco fix. Maybe get a life? LOL

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    I got tired for waiting for a KEMCO game.


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    A tiny glimmer of hope (for those that don’t hate ExeCreate), Kemco released announced a new Japanese game on October 3:

    Dimension Cross

    The screenshots don’t look as Asdivine-ish. And that could be a good thing for those who are tired of that.

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    Hmm, they evolved their art style and game mechanics. It looks like a cross between Sephirothic Stories and etc etc.


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    Frankly I don’t mind Kemco taking a bit more time with their development cycle. Popping out a game each month required some heavy corner cutting, and we all know how much that shows. Perhaps if they give EXE Create a break, or some more time to really polish their stuff, we can get some better experiences from them, or even some stuff from other developers in their stable.

    Also I have a big backlog to go through and I need time to really appreciate them all.

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    Play store link for Dimension Cross and Google translate of the description:

    【Story】 A
    new spacecraft · Zero who has departed to expand the human being’s survival area.
    During the test sailing, you will reach a certain planet, but
    Kyle of the spacecraft crew witness the facility that should not be made with this star civilization.
    Indigenous people being captured. A fierce battle of a man who was supposed to be a friend.
    What on earth is going on here! What?

    ◇ ◆ Robo expansion system greatly improved status!
    Equipped with a robot, you can make a significant status correction!
    You can raise the status by up to 45%.

    ◇ ◆ Target the part and destroy the enemy!
    Let’s defeat the enemy by delivering a powerful attack “break”.
    Strong enemies are greatly damaged by destroying them by targeting parts.

    ◇ ◆ Let’s fly around a three-dimensional dungeon Exploit
    through all 3D dungeons with elevation differences, making full use of the Naname Jump.
    Do you have a good idea to collect scattered coins?
    Plant seeds in the plant Item harvest, enjoyment elements such as weapons reinforcement too!

    [Support OS]
    – 4.4 or more
    [Game Controller]
    – Corresponds
    [Move to SD Card]
    – Yes (* Function to save body capacity, can not be used for moving game data between terminals)

    (C) 2018 KEMCO / EXE – CREATE

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    I’m in the boat with all of you.  I would love to see new games from our fave devs, but on the flipside, I don’t mind waiting at all. My wish list, which is all Kemco games, is as long as my leg.  So I have time to catch up on the older stuff before the devs return from their, most likely very much needed, vacation.  Or maybe, they have decided to slow things down to improve the quality of their games. I’m happy no matter what happens.  Besides, anticipation is the best part of getting something nice.


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