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    MSG Commander

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve been going back and forth on this idea for awhile, but I’m planning on deleting all accounts where the user has NEVER posted anything to this site. (Meaning, they’ve never posted a topic OR a reply.)

    This will help to remove any additional “would be” spammers, and will also give a more accurate count of how many members do (or have) contribute(d) to the forum.

    Currently, we have 1,775 “registered” members – but only about 400 of those have ever posted anything in the forum.

    If you ARE an active, legitimate lurker (i.e. not a malicious spammer) and your account gets deleted, you will need to create a new account (and post something in the forum – even if it’s just to say hello in the Welcome Mat.) If you’ve never posted, but are able to post something before I take this action, your account will remain active.

    If you are an active member who has posted at least one topic or reply in the forum, your account is safe, and nothing will change for you going forward. (And, I will NOT delete any accounts, until I’m 100% sure that statement is true.)

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    MSG Commander

    EDIT: I’ve deleted every inactive account. (And everything seems to be still working!)

    Every one who still has an account now, is someone who’s actually:

    • posted in the forum
    • submitted walkthrough pages
    • left a user review for one of the games

    Between this, and adding the recaptcha to the registration page, I’m hopeful that we’ll be seeing less spam in the future. (And, any legitimate lurkers who want to are always welcome to re-join the site!)


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    Good work.



    Reading the first few posts, I got scared, then realized this happened in 2019.

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    Its still going but the flavour of scammers we occasionally get has changed to a mix of Russian and Indian scammers. Any messages or topics that have people addressing their full names are scammers. Just dont click on them and MSG will remove them in due time.

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