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    Just want to let everyone know I’ve updated (and synchronized) the forums and the “Games” page… there is now a corresponding game page for every Kemco forum. Minus the Escape games, Doku Doku, Logistrate, and Mom Hid My Game.

    (There’s no page for Mom Hid My Game, because the game is only available on Nintendo… and no pages for the others because, well… I just focused on the actual RPGs. If there’s legit interest in creating game pages for these games, I can do it.)

    Speaking of the “Games” page, there’s now an option to sort Kemco games by developer (Kemco – Exe Create, Kemco – Hit Point, etc.)

    Also, all the game landing pages (like Alphadia, Asdivine Dios, etc) now have the same basic layout, and all have download links for every platform that’s listed for the game on Kemco’s website.

    Also, I finally got around to adding pages for Sephirothic Stories, Alvastia Chronicles, and a few other games I somehow completely missed…

    In the forums, all non-Kemco games we still have are now organized under “Other RPGs” (I may have nested these all one step too many but when I’m doing a bunch of stuff at once, I don’t stop to think too deeply about it, I just do it.)

    As I mentioned in “Recommend games to add to the site here,” I’ve removed all games from the forums (and from the “Games” page) that never got any discussion going. Personally, I could see removing a few others, like the Doom and Destiny games for one. And possibly Grand Boom Kingdom. Well possibly all but Tenmilli and Summon Mate, but I don’t want to get rid of everything that’s left in Other RPGs until the people who’ve posted those topics have a change to weigh in…

    (I could also move individual topics for some of these games into Game Chat, and rename the topic to make it clear what game the topic is for… kind of drastic perhaps, but I want to get back to primarily a Kemco website, so I want everything else to be as simple as it can be made.)

    BUT, Tenmilli and Summon Mate absolutely stay as their own forums within Other RPGs. Peeps contributed a lot to those two games, and I don’t know if there’s any other good English resource for them besides us.

    Doing all this work to re-orient the site towards Kemco has re-energized me somewhat, and has helped me remember all the Kemco games I’ve really enjoyed in the past. (And in the present – Seek Hearts is turning out to be MUCH better than I’d expected!)

    My next step will be to update some plug-ins (which, if it goes well, you all won’t even notice.) And also to keep working on giving @mastertrek and @azyleo the permissions they need as moderators to keep spam under control. (And an especially big and sincere “Thank You” to Mastertrek for going above and beyond in holding down the fort!)

    And to carve out enough free time to finish Seek Hearts. (It really is quite good!)  😆

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    Sounds like a good plan.  Now, get some sleep–sure looks like you have a late late night:)

    Older, but not wiser

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    That’s one huge update 🙂

    Welcome 😇


    Brilliant, the site will feel as new as ever!


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