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    A note from the open source “Andor’s Trail” rpg about its game drop rates:

    “Extraordinary Items are hard to obtain, because they have a drop ratio of 0.1%. On average (i.e. a 50% chance) you have to kill specific monsters 693 times to obtain the desired Extraordinary Item. When you are lucky you might get one earlier, but on average it will be very hard to get some Extraordinary Items.

    And there is still a bigger challenge: Get a Legendary Item.
    Legendary Items are impossible :D to obtain, because they have a drop ratio of 0.01%. On average (i.e. a 50% chance) you have to kill specific monsters 6932 times to obtain the desired item. To obtain an Legendary Item you need approximately 50 hours, so better be lucky. ;)

    So maybe I shouldn’t complain about some low drop rates in Kemco games 🙁

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    I disagree. In a game I develop and administer (which I cannot talk about it here because it is a MMO), the drop rates are very similar.

    Actually, Drop Rates equal or below 0.1% are almost exclusively to MMOs, where gameplay is meant to last months. For these, you need to artificially keep players playing the game, and drop rates are a great ally.


    I once played Andor’s Trail, and I’ll warn you: It have MMO Drop Rates even if it is a RPG. I remember a painful grind experience with it. However, in my opinion, Kemco drop rates are not bad (except in a few games); even if a bit harsh they usually stay within what is more common on RPGs.


    Protip: I usually use 3 kills per minute as a reasonable amount of kills for a MMORPG. You could kill more if you hadn’t to restock and look for mobs, of course… Then I estimate how many hours I want the quest to last (usually something between 4 to 15 hours). See how many monsters that is, make a division and settle on the drop rate. Usually asking for multiple of these items are better than going for a really low value, but it’s still the same logic.

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    Thanks for the info, @jesusalva, and your explanation is quite helpful.  However,  I look at it from a slightly different point of view.  It isn’t just the drop rate, but the drop rate for a specific item.  If it takes 50 hours of the same repeated battle to obtain the item, well, that might be a tad boring.  50 hours of varied play against a variety of monsters to obtain that same item, and well, I can understand that and perhaps (but just perhaps) tolerate that.

    Anyway, I hope our readers find some humor in the situation.

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    Surprisingly, I recently downloaded Andor’s Trail and it automatically chose my (Polish) language.. Didn’t play much yet.

    Well, I think that rarest things might need some small rates of getting those (noone expects seeing a Shiny Pokémon every minute, that would ruin the purpose of being rare.).

    Also, I also think that Kemco doesn’t have exclusive equipment or useful things from drops (well, sometimes it has but usually it’s in IAP lottery of some sort.. Sigh.)

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