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    Wasn’t an updated version of TWEWY released for 3DS? Or was it for Switch?

    EDIT: Seems like a Switch title.

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    I actually almost love TWEWY, the only thing I wasn’t used to was the two-screen battles but once I did get the whole idea it was fun. I didn’t play any other version of the game as the original is (in my opinion) the best way to play it.

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    Android version has a single screen and only Neku as a playable character. Other characters are more or less ability summons. So in conjecture, its less hectic than Nintendo 3DS/Switch version.

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    I might check out the Android version next time I have that much $ to drop on a game. Thanks everyone for your input. ๐Ÿ™‚

    All your base are

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    So itโ€™s not restricted to Kemco, is it?

    Could probably think of more later:

    1. Asdivine Menace
    2. A Girl adrift (daerisoft)
    3. Asdivine Cross (friend played it; watched over shoulder during bus ride, if that counts)

    I know this is probably useless, to just have three games on my list, but hey, I have to play them on a REALLY old tablet, and restricted to weekends. (Phone apparently not compatible.)

    Obviously, A girl adrift is free.

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    My current phone died yesterday (RIP old friend) so any progress I had on most games are forever lost. Currently looking for a cheap replacement (I never needed to follow a trend of having the best thing possible).


    Off-topic: I’m currently with a limited access to net so I’ll be less active.

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    Off-topic: Iโ€™m currently with a limited access to net so Iโ€™ll be less active.

    I hope you make it back soon; we will all miss you.ย  Good luck finding a phone!

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    I didn’t think I could remember 20 games but I did it.

    My personal top 20:

    1. Radiant Historia
    2. Kingdom Hearts 358 Days/2
    3. Witch Spring 2
    4. Tales of Legendia
    5. Final Fantasy VI
    6. Chrono Trigger
    7. Fernz Gate
    8. Final Fantasy V
    9. Monster Viator
    10. Kingdom Hearts II
    11. Dragon Quest IX
    12. Witch Spring 3
    13. Asdivine Hearts
    14. Final Fantasy IV
    15. Knight of The Earthends
    16. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded
    17. Ys I
    18. Fortuna Magus
    19. Symphony of Eternity
    20. Symphony of The Origin


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    FINALLY! Appreciation for 358/2 dayz. Best DS game ever, change my mind. Also JRPG Hero, I feel ypu. It took me a good half an hour to create my list.

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    And also someone who likes Radiant Historia.

    Say @jrpghero have you played Radiant Historia for 3DS too? I finished RH for NDS (and also listed it as one of the top games), and started playing the 3DS version too, but then another game came out, and I stopped playing it. So I wnder what are your throughts of the remake if you have played it.

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