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    You probably did hear about this already (considering that this info was around for some time already), but if not, TWEWY is going to get an anime adaptation in 2021 and currently is (or was) at a -50% discount in Switch’s e-shop.

    If you want some HQ pics and see the trailer, go there:

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    @nemomon Yeah, I heard about TWEWY ‘s anime adaptation over 4th of July weekend. Glad most of the people involved with the game will be involved with the anime.



    So I just amended this list to include The World Ends With You Solo Remix. I beat the game in early August and I’m still doing post game content, but I loved the main storyline, the battle system, and its catchy soundtrack.

    Like, I could literally write one or two essays on this game. The soundtrack has been on heavy rotation since I first started playing and I’ve totally been ignoring Crystal Ortha for the post game content. Not trying to 100% the game; just trying to get all the Secret Reports and attempt the bonus chapter Another Day. I enjoyed the characters and gameplay so much that I just didn’t want to say goodbye to them after beating the main storyline.

    This is not only one of my top 20 games now, but also my top five games.

    I didn’t think I could remember 20 games but I did it.

    • My personal top 20:
    1. Radiant Historia
    2. Kingdom Hearts 358 Days/2
    3. Witch Spring 2
    4. Tales of Legendia
    5. The World Ends With You Solo Remix
    6. Final Fantasy VI
    7. Chrono Trigger
    8. Fernz Gate
    9. Final Fantasy V
    10. Monster Viator
    11. Kingdom Hearts II
    12. Dragon Quest IX
    13. Asdivine Hearts
    14. Final Fantasy IV
    15. Knight of The Earthends
    16. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded
    17. Ys I
    18. Fortuna Magus
    19. Symphony of Eternity
    20. Symphony of The Origin


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    First time I've seen someone who loves Tales of Legendia so much.

    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.


    @sirdekar This was the first JRPG I ever played so it holds a special place in my heart


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