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    Ok, I’ll get straight to the point. Does anyone have any recommended, FREE, RPGs? I currently am playing Asdivine Menace, and would love more in this series. But I’ll try almost anything…



    Here’s Dios for free and if you want Asdivine Hearts for free, you’re gonna need an APK but Kemco checks to see if you brought the apps or not.

    If I were you, I would start with Dios next because Menace is a sequel to Dios. After that, you can play any Asdivine game you want (provided you play Hearts 1 & 2 in order). Keep in mind that you need to have played all Asdivine games to the true ending before you play Asdivine Kamura. The reason is that Kamura ties in the stories of the previous Asdivine games so you may not get some parts of Kamura if you haven’t played all of them.

    The Chronology (and order you should play games in)

    Hearts -> Dios -> Menace -> Cross -> Hearts 2 -> Kamura

    Or you can play Hearts -> Hearts 2 -> Dios -> Menace -> Cross -> Kamura.

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