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    Ok, I’ll get straight to the point. Does anyone have any recommended, FREE, RPGs? I currently am playing Asdivine Menace, and would love more in this series. But I’ll try almost anything…

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    Here’s Dios for free and if you want Asdivine Hearts for free, you’re gonna need an APK but Kemco checks to see if you brought the apps or not.

    If I were you, I would start with Dios next because Menace is a sequel to Dios. After that, you can play any Asdivine game you want (provided you play Hearts 1 & 2 in order). Keep in mind that you need to have played all Asdivine games to the true ending before you play Asdivine Kamura. The reason is that Kamura ties in the stories of the previous Asdivine games so you may not get some parts of Kamura if you haven’t played all of them.

    The Chronology (and order you should play games in)

    Hearts -> Dios -> Menace -> Cross -> Hearts 2 -> Kamura

    Or you can play Hearts -> Hearts 2 -> Dios -> Menace -> Cross -> Kamura.

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    I recently ceased playing “Another Eden” as I completed all the story parts, including the latest released in April, 2020 (and a story episode added in June 2020).  The game is free, although it offers expensive IAP (US $22 or more to buy enough Chronus Stones to get a guaranteed top level character from the gacha) as part of the gacha design.  It is a single player RPG, which  requires online play.

    The game is well documented on the internet with maps, lists, and user videos and comments.  “Another Eden” has a lot to offer, including very good graphics and animation, mountains of content, interesting subquest stories, challenging battles, and a huge cast of characters.  Content gets added two or three times a year.  The interface is excellent, with visual markers to show you where to go next, both on the world map and on the mini-maps.

    Unfortunately, at least from my perspective, the entire game is built on a gacha foundation.  The drop rates for critical items and characters can be very low (less than 1%).  Timing clocks tightly control everything: some items spawn every hour, some every 6 hours, some every 24 hours, and some just once a week.  Areas of the game can be locked until the player acquires just the right element from the random number generator (RNG).  For example, at one point you cannot progress into the next story module until you draw just the right character from the RNG (at anywhere from 1-3%).  Many of these needed elements are rare drops from boss monsters at the end of dungeons, so you can wind up running the same dungeon multiple times. (I think it took me about 34 tries to get the right drop from the story lock situation I mention above.)

    The timing mechanism also makes trial/error “redos” impossible.  There is no manual player controlled “save” as the game does automatic saving.  You can only restore from that single save.

    Grinding is needed to enhance weapons and attributes.  Most of these enhancements are limited to around 10% but are divided into 1% increments.  That means a lot dungeon diving and fighting to slowly improve your stats.

    From what I can see in the user posted videos, you need the strongest characters (obtained from the RNG) to make up you battle party (of 6) to defeat the tough monsters.  Although I didn’t have the luck to get any of the ones considered the best (I did have 90 characters at the end), I did have enough strong and varied ability characters to complete the story line.  I didn’t pay a penny, and got almost 3 months of engaging play (and more grinding than I care to admit).

    I liked the subquests because they were not too long, and most had a moral tale story line, and not just a “go kill 10 type x monsters” plot.  In addition to these lesson like tales, some subquests also provided backstory for important characters.

    I did complete all the stories (but more will be added), got all 100 cats for the cat collection (including one that appears only Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 11 pm to 5 am (US Eastern Time), all the story subquests, 8 out of the 9 “episodes” (like a large subquest), and most of the battle achievements.  I could not defeat most of the optional very tough monsters, nor did I spend any time on the latest optional “grinding” dungeons.

    If you are interested in “Another Eden,” I suggest you watch a few of the shorter user posted boss battle videos to see the graphics, animation, and get a sense of the user interface.



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    @litanylegendlight Where is your avi pic from?


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    @litanylegendlight Where is your avi pic from?

    Profile pic: Nakamura Rio from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu.

    Background pic thingie: Internet?

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    "Anything can be a sword if you polish it enough." -Shiota Nagisa, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (dub)
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