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    I’ve been gaming on a DS Lite and a tablet for the past four years, but I’ve been considering upgrading to a Nintendo 3DS.  I’m especially interested b/c it’s backwards compatible with the original DS games (I’ve got a decent collection that I like to revisit.)

    Maybe it’s due to the amount of JRPGs I’ve played, but I find its game library disappointing.

    The only games that interest me on there are Tales of The Abyss, The Alliance Alive, and maybe Bravely Default.

    With that being said, are there any other pros of the 3DS that might make it worth putting on my Christmas wishlist?




    • strong 1st party titles
    • built quality, except hinges
    • eshop, virtual console


    • bad baterry life
    • fragile hinges
    • lower res screen


    As for RPG, we have Nintendo’s RPG, you know, Mario&Luigi, Animal Crossing, and lots of Pokemon games. Iirc, we also have games from Dragon Quest, Persona Q, Shin Megami Tensei, Kingdom Heart 3D, Etrian Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles, Monster Hunter and Yo-kai Watch. Some of them are action-oriented.

    Yeah, RPG-wise, not that much variety… still, if you enjoy those titles, you’ll enjoy 3DS 😉


    @findme Yeahhh the bad battery life is a turn off for me. And not much interests me from the games you listed. I appreciate your thoughts, but I think I will just stick with my DS Lite.





    I appreciate your thoughts, but I think I will just stick with my DS Lite.

    sure no problem 😉

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    Alliance Alive got a HD rerelease and it’s available on all platforms, maybe lacking XOne. But Steam lacks keyboard and I’m didn’t tested it yet because I’m with a malfunctioning controller. But I’ve heard GOG version has keyboard support.

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