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    Hello fine people of RPG Insanity. Basically I need the opinion of JRPG fans who don’t think that Kemco games are the worst thing ever. I’m conflicted between buying Star Ocean First Departure R and Legend of Tetrachs on Switch. Currently they’re both the same price. And I’m broke so I can only get one right now. Which one do you think I should get guys?

    Top 3 Kemco games(constantly changing)

    1. Asdivine Kamura
    2. Wizards of Brandel
    3. Fairy Elements


    Definitely Star Ocean. Although, Tetrarchs is one of Kemco’s better games.

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    I don’t know what’s Star Ocean, but I have played Tetrarchs on Switch too, and it was a fine game, and I have no issues with it.

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    Comparing Kemco with Square Enix? o.o Daring, at least 😆




    Well, considering that Legends of Tetrarchs is at is full price ($14.99) while Star Ocean is with a discount ($20 -> $14.06), besides the ninety cents of difference, I probably would buy Star Ocean now and leave LoT for a later date.

    …From a strict monetary point of view. I never played Star Ocean and, indeed, Legends of Tetrarchs is one of HitPoint’s finest.

    As a matter of fact, I personally would go with Legends of Tetrarchs; Star Ocean’s not my cup of tea.

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