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    Searching the Menace forum for tips and found this:



    How did this happen, I’d really like to know : /

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    I would honestly DM MSG in that regard (Gonna do so myself so dont plz dont want him to have a bunch of spam) and ask cause I am unaware myself

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    It’s because the edit date is not known, so it defaults to UNIX Epoch.


    That would be 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC by the way.

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    By the way, edit feature seems broken @msg-commander been getting a 404 error so I’ll make a new post.

    I also got some weird message from a word fence or whatever. Then got a connection closed error. Weird…



    In the past (you can use forum search feature) MSG Commander installed some cool update or other to display info about edits. Some edits were made before that update (or something went wrong on a more recent edit), so it did not knew who edited or when.


    So it is showing you the defaults (timestamp 0, which is the EPOCH, and author “”).

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