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    If you’re using Android 7.0 or earlier, or a sufficiently old Operating System (like Windows XP), you’re likely going to be affect by Let’s Encrypt change to their chain of trust.


    The specifics are not important and you can find them in Let’s Encrypt Blog. What’s important is that if you’re affected, several sites will start giving security errors, our website included.


    It will happen gradually between February 8th and September 30th on the whole internet. Usually it’ll say it is a self-signed certificate or that it does not recognize it. In most cases, you can bypass the warning. Note that Firefox does its own thing and doesn’t care with what every other browser thinks or does ─ so if you’re using Firefox Mobile, you’ll likely not be affected by this.


    We know some Kemco games doesn’t run in newer Android phones. Android 8.0 should be a fair compromise to play all Kemco games (including Djinn Caster and Fanatic Earth), and still be able to access our website.

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