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    I was checking out some of my old saved files and now two of my games are freezing whenever I enter a battle. Destiny Fantasia and Symphony of eternity freeze if I ever try to enter the menu or enter a battle. Every single time.

    I sent kemco an email and their advice is useless and what I have already tried.

    I restarted my tablet, turned it off and on, cleared the cache, reinstalled the games (both), etc..

    Is there any advice someone can offer that might actually work? Please let me know, these are both worldwide software games. Interestingly, I had purchased knight of earhtends and only got a blank screen (another wws game) before downloading it to my lenovo, where it worked. So I am not sure why these games would NOT work in my samsung tablet, which is still pretty darn new. Every single other kemco game works on the tablet, including symphony of the origin which you would think would take up more memory than Eternity..


    Two bad news and one good news

    Knight of earthends does not work.

    Well, when my samsung updated, all three work now (DF, SoE and KoE)!

    Bu the bad news, now seven sacred beasts is refusing to work and Legend of Tactica is super slow after the update after playing perfectly prior..


    I have no idea, but, on my Samsung tablet, I did have slowdowns with Destiny Fantasia (I think there is a memory leak in that game) that I could solve by “Quit” (make sure the app is actually stopped) and then restarting the game.

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