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    Hi all! I just heard about this game from an Android game site & it looks interesting, but I’m gonna wait before I get it. I already have three games to play on my 3DS XL.

    Good to know Kemco finally made a game with a female protagonist though.




    I haven’t played a lot of exe create games but I believe this is the first game that allows armor to be upgraded like weapons (finally!)

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    Armour actually can be upgraded like weapons since Fairy Elements and Liege Dragon also had the same system too.

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    The number of drops you get make upgrading armor (and weapons) simple. Gather armor from the guild is good armor to upgrade for the gem drop bonus.


    Hello, all. I’ve managed to LL the game (Easy Difficulty, No Artificial Enhancements, No Offense Drops, Protect Drops, Ability Drops, No Sidequests, B Rank Guild Adventurer, Story Bosses Only (including the extra one after Sharl)
    Working on a few more with more difficult rules later on today.
    My end level was a little less than 90, which can be improved by a smidge. Thank Garyo for having great spammable skills (healing, buffs, debuffs, action order delays), otherwise my run would not be the same.
    If you guys wanna attempt one as well, let me know, and I can offer some pointers!


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