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    I’m feeling like a bit of an idiot here because I’m stuck very early on. I got to Fire Town, went to the guild hall, saw the one character leave, then I get told that I need a backup to take the guild test. So obviously I gotta find that girl. But I looked all through town, can’t find her. I left town and wandered everywhere I could. I can go back to the starting town, she’s not there. Every other path is guild-controlled, and I can’t get out of this small region. But I can’t find this presumed third party member either.

    OBVIOUSLY I’m missing something. I have a feeling I’m going to feel even stupider once I find it, because it’ll probably be very obvious. Have I just not explored as much as I thought I did? Am I blind?

    Help please. Thank you.


    If I remember right, head back to the guild and talk to the receptionist. I had the same problem, when I was starting


    Oh my god. Okay, thank you. It wasn’t the receptionist, it was a guy on the right side of the building. I had talked to him before talking the receptionist but not after. Or possibly it was talking to both the other people in the guild building again.
    But that guy on the right made a quip about a girl not being able to pass the test, and then the game started the next cutscene.

    Thank you for the help. I really didn’t want to give up on this one, haha.


    After you talk with the receptionist you have to then talk to everyone in the guild again. This will cause a cutscene that will let you progress.


    Haha, yeah. Looks like we both posted at the same time, Askeller8. Thank you for posting though!

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