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    I am trying to complete the game fully but I’m missing a location. It’s listed just after the ksy castle demo is location. Any help would be appreciated please.




    Akegarass Lands? From the entrance of the Sky Castle, go west instead of north into the building. You should see a felled pillar. You can cross the pillar into the new area.

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    Has anyone got a list of all the areas?

    I am missing a few which I know I will get to now that I am post game.

    But in my Catalog List I have an Undiscovered Area between “Around Dragonia City” and “Around Mizuri Stream”. Also missing one between “Jaack Cave” and “Shiniei Lake”.



    There’s an image of the world map on this site that covers all optional locations:

    Concerning the undiscovered area between “Around Dragonia City” and “Around Mizuri Stream”, you can fight a monster in “Dragonia City” by accepting guild mission no. 22.

    Between “Jaack Cave” and “Shiniei Lake” should be “Around Shiniei Lake”, which should appear as a location in the monster catalog by fighting the monsters around Shiniei Lake (as the location itself says).

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    In case anyone needs other areas in the future, here’s a complete list from the Catalog:

    1.  Chik Village
    2. Around Chik Village
    3. Around Flame Town
    4. Around Tabakko Forest
    5. Tabakko Forest
    6. Around Yami Cave
    7. Yami Cave
    8. Around Dragonia City
    9. Dragonia City
    10. Around Mizuri Stream
    11. Mizuri Stream
    12. Around Mount Golt
    13. Golt Firepit
    14. Around Kori Town
    15. Around Sharbe Icepit
    16. Sharbe Icepit
    17. Around Stela Village
    18. Stela Village
    19. Around Jaack Cave
    20. Jaack Cave
    21. Around Shiniei Lake
    22. Shiniei Lake
    23. Around Kira
    24. Kira
    25. Around Kanai Village
    26. Around Twilight Shrine
    27. Twilight Shrine
    28. Around Tengai Sanctuary
    29. Tengai Sanctuary
    30. Around Paralys Forest
    31. Paralys Forest
    32. Sky Castle Demonxia
    33. Akegarass Lands
    34. Sea
    35. Metal Lands (Beginner)
    36. Metal Lands (Int)
    37. Metal Lands (Advanced)
    38. Gold Lands (Beginner)
    39. Gold Lands (Int.)
    40. Gold Lands (Advanced)
    41. Savarian Lands Lv 250
    42. Savarian Lands Lv 350
    43. Savarian Lands Lv 500
    44. Arena/HIdden Arena
    45. Other
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