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    So im at the end of the game (beat it 2 times for the achievements), but it wont let me do any guild missions. (says its unavailable) I dont have one currently active neither! Anyone know whats going on?

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    Could you please specify which story quest (number) you’re at exactly? If you’ve really reached the very last story quest (regardless of whether you’ve beaten the game already or not), you should be able to accept Guild missions (maybe some only after beating the game once). Beware that there are certain story sections during which Guild missions can’t be initiated. When you find yourself in one of these sections, simply advance the plot until Guild missions can be carried out again.


    I was confused by this problem, too. Here’s the answer for anyone else who might be having trouble.

    The last several Guild Missions require Guild Rank S. You will reach Guild Rank A just by playing the game and completing each available Guild Mission once. To get Guild Rank S, you have to grind Guild Rank points. You can see how many Guild Rank points you have/need in the game menu or the Guild Mission menu.

    The fastest way to grind Guild Rank points is to go to Sharbe Icepit, use a Drop Stone to raise the enemy drop rate to 100% for 1 hour real time, and then use the attract stone to immediately fight battles. Your goal is to collect Gorgeous Pelts from Congelatio Fang monsters. 3 Gorgeous Pelts are worth 750 points Guild Rank points.

    You should get a few Drop Stones from playing through the game. If you’re out, you can buy more from the Shop with currency farmed in-game.

    If you don’t want to waste Shop currency on Drop Stones, then you can buy extra weapons and customize them with Box Rings purchased from the Kinari capital. (Go to the “Applied Effects” option in the weapon customization menu, select the weapon you want to turn into a farming tool, and select the Box Rings to apply the Item Drop property to the weapon). This will make weapons that raise the item drop rate up to 100%.

    You can speed up battles by going into the strategy menu screen and setting your autobattle tactics to all-out attack with strong skills. Then you can autobattle Sharbe Icepit enemies at 3x battle speed. Ideally you will already have the Shop item that restores all MP/AP after battles, so that you won’t have to regularly stop and consume potions.

    Once you have enough Gorgeous Pelts (I needed around 36), go to the Guild and complete the repeatable Guild Mission #14 until you’re S Rank. All of this can get tedious, but the entire grind from A Rank to S Rank shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

    The special reward menu has a few prizes for earning Guild Rank points beyond Rank S. If you’re after these prizes, or you’re after quick and easy Guild Coins, then continue the Gorgeous Pelt grind as needed.

    I’ll also note that one particularly annoying S-Rank Guild mission has you hunt 10 Specters around Kanai Village. Apparently, Specters only appear on rocky terrain, not forested or grassy terrain.


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